Fedir Kopakov CV

Senior Javascript Engineer

React, Typescript, GraphQL, Material-UI
Full-Stack: 70% Frontend, 30% Backend

Senior Frontend/Full-Stack developer with 9 years of experience in Web Apps and UI development. A perfectionist by nature. I create smart, scalable, structured code. Use the best technologies and latest features. Always learn new skills. Love to work and provide results


Frontend Skills:

  • React/Redux, hooks, custom hooks, context
    10/10, Advanced Level

    Create great scalable architecture, use the latest features, organize and comment code

  • ES6, Typescript, Javascript

    10/10, Advanced Level
    Can use any Javascript technology on the fly using documentation

  • UI-frameworks - Material-UI, Ant Design, Bootstrap, SCSS

    10/10. Advanced Level
    Can take apart, delete, change the core, global theme, extend

  • GraphQL/Apollo, REST API

    10/10. Advanced Level
    Lazy queries, mutations, error handling, backend setups

  • Gatsby.js, Next.js, Express.js, Node.js, npm

    10/10, Advanced Level

  • DRY, KISS, SOLID OOP principles

    8/10, Intermediate Level

  • Git

    8/10, Intermediate Level
    Work with branches, rebase, merge, Git clients, actions, deployment to production

Backend skills:

  • Firebase Firestore

    9/10, Advanced Level
    Setup from scratch, CRUD operations, user signup, letter sending, and others from Firebase API

  • MongoDB

    8/10, Advanced Level
    CRUD, API, Atlas

  • AWS, PostgreSQL

    2/10, Beginner Level
    Had a small experience when took the AWS course.

Personal traits:

  • Just normal guy who does his work
  • Hard-worker
  • Friendly
  • Result-oriented
  • Stress-resistant
  • Self-learning
  • Use new stack on the fly
  • Team player
  • Understand business goals, suggest solutions to go faster and better

Most challenging project

Complex Aviation technical project

It’s a working profitable business that has two large web applications. For admin users and clients. I worked on a client app. Clients can manage their data and subscribe to services


Re-design and speed up their web application. App made with PHP. I was needed to re-do this with React.js


In pair with the backend python developer, I was creating a new React web app. I worked closely with the backend developer. He created python GraphQL API. I created UIs and integrating API into them

Main tasks I solved:

  • Created organized frontend scalable code
  • Created reusable components and UI-theme
  • Created reusable logic - custom React hooks
  • Selected and setted up the best stack for project design. Used latest features
  • Added interactions with backend GraphQL API
  • Delivered signup for a service part to production and fixed issues

Stack used:

  • React.js/Redux, hooks
  • Material-UI/SCSS
  • Typescript/ES6
  • GraphQL
  • Git, Slack


Client received redesigned fast web app and scalable code


  • July 2014 - Present. Web Apps and UI Developer, React.js. Upwork


    • I did 120+ projects in UI and Web Apps development
    • Became high-demanded expert who is in Top 3% Upwork Freelancers (Upwork Talent Scout)
    • Was interviewed for the Upwork ambassador role. And 2 times invited to work directly on Upwork company


    • Develop web apps from scratch. Organize code, create scalable web apps. Create code understandable for other developers
    • Convert Figma designs to React Web Apps
    • Work with React 17 and hooks, npm-packages. I wrote custom hook.
    • Work a lot with GraphQL/Apollo, Firebase, MongoDB, a little with AWS
    • Work in a team with designers, backend developers, and product owners
    • Work in both startups and profitable businesses
  • February 2014 - June 2014. PSD to HTML Developer, Freelance.

    I was doing PSD to HTML jobs freelance. I worked with Javascript, SCSS, UI frameworks. I did about 30 small projects

  • November 2013 - January 2014. Wordpress CMS Content Manager, Website Administrator

    I was putting content to an online store and getting my first skills in web development particularly in Wordpress CMS


  • National Aviation University

     Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Aerospace engineering

  • National Aviation College

    Associate's degree, Aerospace engineering


  • English


  • Ukrainian

    Native or Bilingual

  • russian

    Native or Bilingual


Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Several hours overlap with US
  • PST +10
  • GMT +2
  • CET +1

Desired salary:

  • $72-96k anually
  • $6-8k monthly

Updated: April 25, 2022

Online version: https://www.kopakov.com

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